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    CHELYABINSK episode 2: BLAZING "celestial" EYE: Undeniable evidence: predicted worldwide only by one

    CHELYABINSK episode 2: BLAZING ILLUMINATI EYE: Undeniable evidence: predicted worldwide only by one. Right, by the only one who explained the first one. The second CHELYABINSK episode, 4 years after the first one, released Mar 30, 2017 BLAZING ILLUMINATI EYE CAUSED PANIC IN CHELYABINSK, RUSSIA -...
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    Saturn’s spooky Death Star moon captured in closest-ever NASA image - for dummies

    Sphere Within Sphere Sculptures: Vatican v NASA, Earth v Universe on the eye-popping year NASA and the Vatican as you know it became operational within 28 days, October 1958. An in-depth analysis of their eye-popping sculptures just before 2017 becomes the eye-popping year. Introduction...

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