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social justice warrior

  1. P@triot

    The Simpsons hilarious mock left-wing lunacy

    I have to imagine that the enemies of the U.S. are laughing hysterically at our left-wing snowflakes while simultaneously licking their chops at the thought of how weak and vulnerable we'll be once the liberals from the millennials generation are required to be a part of our workforce and our...
  2. Motti

    Is Trump Ready for the Great 'American Spring' Offensive?

    All the fake news, Russian insinuations, pussy hat marches and troll templates have been strategically pre-positioned. Even former President Barack Obama has set up a command centre in the disproportionately white Kalorama neighborhood in Washington DC in order to lead a promised rebellion of...
  3. woz75

    'Wounded Social Justice Warrior Project' Rebuilds Hope; Sense of Purpose

    If you like to laugh at social justice warriors, you may like this article. Here's a snippet: Prudence Bradley, 19, found it difficult to put into words what she experienced during her days as a social justice warrior. She didn’t have to. The way the slightly overweight feminist apologetically...

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