1. The Original Tree

    Mexican Drug Cartels Smuggling Diamonds In Immigrant's Butt Cavities

    This brings the term "Butt Hurt" to an all new level for Left Tards who want open borders. I am pretty sure he was on his way to see Nancy Pelosi to make a deposit for The DNC election campaign in 2020. New Mexico man arrested after police allegedly find dozens of diamonds in anal cavity A...
  2. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Mexican man charged trying to smuggle $689,506.00 out of US

    Mexican man charged trying to smuggle nearly $700G out of US A Mexican man was arrested at an international bridge in El Paso, Texas, Sunday night after trying to cross the border with $689,506. The man was traveling from El Paso to Juarez when Customs and Border Protection agents asked if...

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