slave labor

  1. The Original Tree

    The 1860s Called and they want their Social Policy Back!

    Here is The Democrat Platform in a Nutshell. They are still practicing The Politics of Slavery 160 years after The Civil War is over. What are they raging about now? A Damn Wall to limit the flood of Illegal Undocumented Brown People coming in the The US That The Elite Left needs to work on...
  2. P@triot

    The progressive pursuit of slavery

    As history has well documented, the Democrats fought to keep slavery during the Civil War. After losing, they refused to accept that they couldn't force another human being to labor for them. So they turned to tools like Social Security, welfare, Medicaid, etc. to get government to take the...
  3. cnelsen

    Slaves actually did build this

    The White Sea–Baltic Canal in Russia was built by slave labor during the reign of the Communist murderers. The canal is 141 miles long and was built almost entirely by hand using 126,000 white Christian slaves, 12,000 of whom perished due to the harsh conditions. The overseers were Jews led by...

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