1. deanrd

    Trump said the Las Vegas shooter was a smart, good, successful gambler and what he did is incredible

    He was actually a pretty smart guy. He was a good, successful gambler and there’s no such thing as a successful gambler and what he went out and did is incredible,” Trump said. Trump Says Vegas Mass Shooter 'Was Actually A Pretty Smart Guy' And 'A Successful Gambler' So what do you guys think...
  2. Dan Stubbs

    Just an old Deputy Sheriff..Fla

    Hi group I am a retired Fla Deputy.. From Broward County Fla worked the area from 66 until retirement and now live in Alabama. Married and Three kids one of them is a LEO....His idea. I made more of the retirement by buying and selling land in Fla before Getting married. Other than that...
  3. Compost

    PP Shooter is just a Crazy Loser

    Sorry 'bout that. He's not a right wing nut. He's a washed up art dealer whose wife left him. His new hobbies include smoking pot and rough sex. The shooting wasn't all about killing babies. This guy has what you would call "other issues". 'Planned Parenthood attacker' was once a happily...

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