sharia law

  1. The Original Tree

    Loser Mayor of London Insults America While British Citizens are stabbed by Islamic Radicals

    The Idiot Jihadist Mayor of London is turning London in to a 3rd world shit hole with his liberal Jihadist Immigrant Coddling Policies. As British Citizens are getting butchered in the streets, women gang raped for daring to wear Western Clothing in The UK, this steaming pile of incompetence...
  2. The Original Tree

    Muslim Leftards Outraged By Nike Running Shoes

    I expect some terrorist threats to Nike over this by dumbed down leftist Mooslims that apparently can't read. Never mind that you actually have to hold the logo UPSIDE DOWN, and separate part of it out, to get the offending apparent Arabic script to remotely resemble what Left Tard DemNazi libs...
  3. The Original Tree

    More Fun With Anti-Semites

    Expect to see more of this in America as Liberals continue to engage in their suicidal population replacement strategies using illegal aliens and muslim refugees. Canada is increasingly having more and more problems with it's Islamic imports. We here in The US are starting to see the same...
  4. Compost

    15 Years in Prison

    for roughing up a mosque building and leaving bacon on the porch. Is Sharia Law in effect now in Florida? "A man who vandalized a Florida mosque in January 2016 and left a raw slab of bacon on its doorstep was sentenced to 15 years in prison on a hate crime conviction, a state attorney’s...
  5. cnelsen

    Every refugee protester needs to answer one simple question:

    Under what circumstances would you ever support a ban on Muslim immigration? Under no circumstances? Even if Muslims are the majority in ten states of the country and imposing sharia law in those states, would you still oppose a ban on Muslim immigration?
  6. MindWars

    Germany Folds To Shariah Law, Approves Child Marriages

    Germany has basically fallen to the Caliphate with the blessings of globalist Angela Merkel. The statistics in Germany spewed by the government on the number of ‘child’ marriages is believed to be a total falsehood and much, much, much higher than reported. In Islam, marrying children as young...
  7. HaShev

    Folkways-and how cultures impose their ways on others

    "Characteristics of the society of folk & how it imposes"- The zest of the social community somewhat depends on population size and the amount of convenience born out of the many offered services and amount of entertainment available in that community. Community life also somewhat revolves...

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