sex education

  1. TheProgressivePatriot

    A Truely Positive Trend in America.

    Arizona. Not a bastion of liberalism, progressivism or tolerance, has for once don the right thing. Breaking: Arizona Governor Signs "No Promo Homo" Repeal Repeal Signals Inclusive Shift in Arizona Politics Good for Arizona . Children are not stupid but they do need support and...
  2. anotherlife

    Let's rape each other a little.

    There is such a thing as assault, and that results in prison sentences usually, if the assault is conducted outside school property. But how is rape different from assault? After all, both assault victims and rape victims have their bodies fully recovered in a few days, discounting permanent...
  3. OldLady

    School giving Condoms to Middle School Students?

    The San Francisco school department has been giving sex education and condoms to high school students who request it for awhile now. It is strictly confidential, between counselor/nurse and student and parents are not involved or notified. Because about 10-15% of middle schoolers report being...

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