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secretary of state

  1. P@triot

    Concrete evidence that Russia was pulling the strings

    The left-wing hatriots are all over USMB screaming "Russia! Russia! Russia!" day and night. Well - ok - let's talk about Russia. Brace yourselves - this is concrete evidence complete with official documents: It continues: This link from a March 3, 2013 article has Vekselberg going on record...
  2. MindWars

    Carbon tax, climate, trade, education policy concerns arise with Trump's likely secretary of state

    Carbon Tax, Climate, Trade, Education Policy Concerns Arise with Trump’s Likely Secretary of State Selection Tillerson He will also be paired with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as his deputy secretary of state, one of the sources added President-elect Donald Trump may have demonstrated...
  3. longknife

    Madam Secretary on CBS

    I started watching this series with great interest and found it worthwhile. An ex-CIA analyst with a husband and three kids talked into becoming Secretary of State by her old boss who is now POTUS. Seemed interesting. Until. We suddenly find her to be a dyed-in-the-wood hero for the poor...

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