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    Brexit undo miracle by scary clowns: Theresa May calls election for dummies

    Brexit undo miracle preformed by scary clowns: Theresa May calls election for dummies 18 April 2017 - Theresa May announces snap general election on June 8 to 'make a success of Brexit': for dummies. Brexit: Illuminati media setting the stage for the coming undo "miracle": Imagine, by some...
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    TRUMP, Boris Johnson as SCARY CLOWNS: media finally echoes half of the TRUTH

    Last Prophet's words from May 2016, last section added months later. Introduction 07-29-2014, the locked TRUTH's title: Fly Athens London for $49: EasyJet & Co psy-op: divert human catle from SLAUGHTHER First line reads: Downed Malaysia Airlines where previously choppers and fighter jets have...
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    Found Footage Terrifying Ghost Encounter Caught On Tape

    Woman is subjected to torture of the 4th kind as Ghost throws chairs and physically attacks her to unconsciousness (Must See)

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