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    Social Security funding

    Social Security funding: I'm a proponent of a federal sales tax. That sales tax rate should be set to fund at least half of federal net expenditures due to our Social Security retirement program and the payroll taxes paid equally by employers and employees should be reduced to be no more than...
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    Taxes upon corporations have sales tax like effect.

    Taxes upon corporations have sales tax like effect. Political conservatives are more likely believe those whose incomes are insufficient to be subject to federal income tax, pay no federal taxes and contribute nothing to USA's economy. They're also likely to be opposed to corporate taxes and...
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    Value added Tax, (VAT)

    Value Added Tax, (i.e. VAT) compared to prior conventional sales tax methods. Unlike any other sales tax method, VAT does not any manner increase prices by additionally taxing the sales taxes levied within previous sales transactions. After the first transaction link of a chain of...

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