1. cnelsen

    By more than 4-1 Americans say US media more of a threat to clean elections than Russian hackers

    How about that, media skunks? You took a venerable US institution we used to point to with pride--our watchdog press--and destroyed it. Michael Eisner, Jeff Bezos, Sumner Redstone, Haim Saban, George Soros Poll: 45% Believe Media ‘Primary Threat’ for Rigged Election; Only 10% Point to ‘Russian...
  2. cnelsen

    For those claiming the Wikileaks dump is no big deal, this will change your mind

    This is almost painful to watch. Donna Brazile sliding into the pit of ignominy when confronted with evidence from Wikileaks and nothing--NOTHING--to grab onto. It's straight up damning. Also, anyone who actually starts reading these emails will quickly know they are authentic. They don't need...

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