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  1. deanrd

    Who said Republicans don’t believe in regulation?

    It’s a flat out lie when people say Republicans don’t believe in regulation or don’t want to regulate anything. Publicans want to regulate which of age Americans get to vote. Republicans want to regulate which of age adults of sound mind can get married. Republicans want to regulate...
  2. Cellblock2429

    Liberalism saving America from archery

    The bureaucrats in Hicksville, NY have crushed another small business with over regulations. All in a days work. Hicksville archery center closes after 13 years amid new code requirements Popular archery center closes after 13 years The C&B Archery owner said the costs of town code compliance...
  3. Frankenvoter

    Restaurant cooks need screened for STD's

    Case of Hep. A identified in Urbana, Springfield Frisch's employee Apparently the up and comers in the medical profession feel Hep A is a "no big deal" disease, I have a nurse in training relative who was giving me the "pffftt" the other day when talking about restaurant cleanliness, "Oh, it's...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Since liberals love regulations and government oversight, should fed. govt. regulate Hollywood?

    From rape/sexual harassment of men, women, and children to outright fraud from studios who defraud investors/actors/actresses/directors/etc., is it time for the federal government to step in and ramp up regulation and oversight of Hollywood? Do we need a "fearless girl" statue in Hollywood? If...
  5. Slashsnake

    How to clean up the banking system...

    Anyone have any ideas on how/if America will ever clean up the banking system here? It's old,outdated, the least secure, slow... Does anyone agree with my points below? I think our economy would be better off with a modern banking system. We're charged for wire transfers, which are basically...
  6. O

    CDZ Should passenger vehicle inspections be required?

    As some of us already know, all commercial vehicles have to do pre-trip, post-trip, and daily vehicle inspections. Considering the following information I would agrue that periodic inspections should be required of drivers of passenger vehicles. I am not advocating for any particular period for...

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