1. EvilEyeFleegle

    Trump pulls back from ban he once supported on flavored e-cigarettes

    On again--same old story--Trump's word means nothing--he refuses to sign regulation banning flavored e-cigs----in the fear that it might cost him a vote or two: Trump backs off flavored vape ban he once touted "Everything seemed ready to go: President Trump’s ban on most flavored...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Senate Committee Passes “Filthy Food Act”

    My God! Is there no end to the Republican assault on the health, safety and well being of the American people ? First the move to take health care away from millions, freeing corporations to pollute the planet, cutting back on nutritional assistance, and now this: Senate Committee Passes “Filthy...
  3. ding

    Would you like for your government to regulate prices, profits and wages?

    Many here complain about income inequality. I can only assume these are the people who believe they are getting the shaft and need to blame someone else for their poor choices. I say this because men and women of reason typically take charge of their situation and change it for the better...

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