1. The Original Tree

    Who Is Worthy To Open The Scroll?

    You may ask what scroll, and I may answer you with a question. Do not all homes, all nations have a proclamation, a deed, and a title to them proclaiming who's lands they are, and for what purpose they exist, and for what boundaries they may be defined by and whom they belong to? I am a...
  2. SoCalSmurf

    Reconciliation for Fallen Angels & Fallen Humans

    The following comes to me through my personal relationship with Father God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit (see: True Story of Christ & Salvation ). I have provided scripture and thoughtful insight to support my personal revelations and my faith. In both, the Old Testament and New...
  3. HaShev

    Salvation is from the Jews

    Preparing the Masses For The Coming Messiah Age Betrayal, Disappointment, Disenfranchised, Disenchantment, Delusion, & Failure. The most devastating to ones own pride, or spirit of being. Words against which there is no certain defense. Words which can erect an impassable barrier between...
  4. S

    Erasing Hate

    On Vimeo there is a documentary about a REFORMED RACIST SKINHEAD, Bryon Widner, and his painful laser treatments to remove his racist facial TATTOOS, called ERASING HATE. The TRAILER is available HERE: Watch Erasing Hate Online | Vimeo On Demand What do you think about it? Do you think that...

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