1. AsianTrumpSupporter

    When gender pronouns meet reality: man tries to kiss diamondback rattlesnake

    Obviously, this man sexually identified as an otherkin, center of gender queer, diamondback rattlesnake. Spoilers: Too bad the diamondback rattlesnake was an alt right nazi and bit him.
  2. American_Jihad

    Hero Dog Saved 7-Year-Old From Rattlesnake

    Great story... Hero Dog Saved 7-Year-Old From Rattlesnake The German shepherd, who suffered three bites from a rattlesnake while defending a 7-year-old girl, is on the mend. Tampa, FL By Sherri Lonon (Patch Staff) - May 16, 2016 TAMPA, FL — The Tampa German shepherd who took three bites...

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