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    The Secrets of Tuxedo Park

    Good program, well worth watching... 'Tuxedo Park' - How Microwave Radar Won World War II 16 Jan 2018 - Why “the Bomb only ended the war, but radar won it.”
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    No more disappearing airliners

    New way to track flights to solve disappearances... Missing planes no more: New tracking solution to solve flight disappearances Sep 23, 2016 - Passenger airlines that were disappearing will no more be a major problem, as new innovative tracking solutions are up.
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    Military Research & Development

    75 year old military innovation is now household appliance... How Military Research Finds Its Way to Everyday Life December 09, 2015 | WASHINGTON — Sometimes simple scientific advances in one field can have value far beyond their intended use. Many of these advances can change the world and...

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