psychological manipulation

  1. NewsVine_Mariyam

    How to survive gaslighting: when manipulation erases your reality

    I know that there are many individuals who will reject out-of-hand the information that is being relayed in this article simply due to the references to Trump & his administration. I find this to be most unfortunate since the article does a fairly good job in my opinion of explaining the...
  2. Jack of Blades

    The #Joker Intelligence Agency

    A Joker is a term I did not create for people who use ciphers, codes and communication systems to communicate a message that is intentionally unclear to most people because it is not meant to be understood by a majority of people who hear it. Jokers normally consist of street criminals...
  3. Pogo

    Subliminal manipulation: "the best words"

    Intro: the short video version: The article referenced: >> WASHINGTON — When Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign, he decried the lack of intelligence of elected officials in characteristically blunt terms. “How stupid are our leaders?” he said. “How stupid are they?” But...

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