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  1. Jack of Blades

    The #Joker Intelligence Agency

    A Joker is a term I did not create for people who use ciphers, codes and communication systems to communicate a message that is intentionally unclear to most people because it is not meant to be understood by a majority of people who hear it. Jokers normally consist of street criminals...
  2. L

    Trump's travel ban suspended to surpass refugees gassed in Europe

    Judge blocks Trump's travel ban: surpass gassing refugees in Europe since 2015 Meant to have as reaction "US residents banned from returning now rush to use window of opportunity to comeback". End Times Reductionism: all you need to explain it all is an introdution to an article from Dec 2015...
  3. L

    Syria children making headlines: dropped Omran boy, where's my dad girl: self-exposing beyond script

    Syria children making headlines in Illuminati media: dropped Omran boy, where's my dad girl Disinfo agents self-"exposing" beyond what is scripted, the second time without quotes, as a consequence of the BIG LIE technique. Aug 2016 - Also part of setting the stage for having Erdogan enter Syria...

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