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    CDZ Why competition among states are very important for prosperity?

    I used to be a hardcore libertarian. I think all governments are wrong. Now I greatly moderate my position. You can see what I think here, Why states, nations, provinces, cities, and villages should be run like a business? . I am now far more centrist than libertarian. Why? At that time I...
  2. P@triot

    Conservatism: ingenuity, prosperity, and liberty

    Conservatism encompasses the absolute best of man in every capacity. It's built on liberty, which in turn spurs innovation, which in turn produces prosperity. With Republicans controlling everything coast-to-coast (the White House, the House, the Senate, and 33 of the 50 states), we are...
  3. P@triot

    The blueprint for prosperity

    An astounding 80% drop in food stamps recipients in just over one year, and a 114% increase in incomes. Who could possibly argue with these results?

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