prophecy of lucifer

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    Who's The Smartest ( The Elites )

    If you believe " Money For Nothing, And The Chicks For Free " - People are smarter than the Intelligence Agencies, Academia, Seers and God. No kidding folks, check for an introduction to become one- Wrap Around The Vine
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    Rock n Roll Prophecy Conspiracy ?

    This is really a conspiracy that has been going on since The Beatles or somewhere near that era in every Rock Genre- Adult Contemporary, Punk, New Wave, Alternative, Metal, Pop that is really about the End of The World with lyrics about The King and Queen, World Events... Some take the side of...
  3. HaShev

    The revelation of Christ Nazarene part4

    1)the first and fallen christ would be the forbiden lucifer, impostering the Moshiach to come. THE first fallen can't say watch out for the next deemed Shiloh(one who's right it is), saying he comes as anti christ(Lucifer). This would be like listening to Saddam call us the great satan...

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