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  1. anotherlife

    Marxist economy.

    The soviets and national socialists turned the Marxist economy into a very successful holocaust on everyone who ever owned anything. But Marx didn't go like that. Marx said only, that forcing extra labor out of people creates profits and poverty, plus replacing all labor with machines is a...
  2. ding

    Would you like for your government to regulate prices, profits and wages?

    Many here complain about income inequality. I can only assume these are the people who believe they are getting the shaft and need to blame someone else for their poor choices. I say this because men and women of reason typically take charge of their situation and change it for the better...
  3. MindWars

    Communist Chinese suppress Christians, reap profits from Christmas exports

    Communist Chinese Suppress Christians, Reap Profits From Christmas Exports While the atheist, communist Chinese government cracks down on Christians domestically, the country profits heavily from Christmas decorations exported to the United States. The Chinese government exported approximately...

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