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  1. P@triot

    “Some people just know how to win”

    When Donald Trump entered the business arena, he dominated. When Donald Trump entered the entertainment arena, he dominated. And when Donald Trump entered the political arena, he dominated. Despite never serving a single day in even the lowest public office of a rural town, he was elected...
  2. B

    Fine: Changes ahead for oil and gas producers

    The full article by Dr. Daniel Fine is here-> " The OPEC and non-OPEC agreement to reduce oil production officially begins this week. At mid-December when this column was submitted...
  3. T

    Message to Hillary Clinton

    When Hillary wins
  4. JD Case

    Who's better at dealing with the issues?

    I'm conducting a survey on the Presidential election and gauging which candidate is better at dealing with today's issues. If you have 5 minutes available, please follow the link below and share your opinion. You can also request to have the results emailed to you, if you'd like. Thanks...
  5. Anonymous1977

    Nation of Islam and the United States government

    Wanted to post these pictures because this is very good information in my opinion. I am not posting them to try to incite fighting or hatred. Please just take away the knowledge given here and please don't start fighting and attacking people in any of this. But could these pictures mean that...

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