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  1. Chuz Life

    Bull Ring A Human Fetus is a Child; Chuz Life vs JoeB131

    I (Chuz Life) herby challenge USMB member JoeB131 to a One on One debate on the subject of whether or not a human being in the fetal stage of their life, growth and development is a "child." JoeB131 If you are willing to accept this debate, answer with a response and let's discuss and agree on...
  2. Chuz Life

    JoeB131, I'm calling you out on your claim that a human fetus is NOT a Child!

    JoeB131, I am calling you out on your continued claim that a human fetus is not a child. Despite many attempts to educate your retarded ass in various other threads, you still continue to regurgitate the same denials as though you have never even once been proven wrong. I call. I challenge...
  3. W

    Surrogate Pregnancy

    Solomon's solution: Let the father have two of the babies and let her keep the third... Birth Father Demands Surrogate Undergo Abortion After He Learns She’s Carrying Triplets November 25, 2015 – Surrogate mom Melissa Cook is facing pressure from the birth father to abort one of the unborn...

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