1. Litwin

    ‘Porno peddling’. Belarus citizen may land up in prison over posting Rammstein video

    interesting, question will Rammstein or Rammstein´s fans help to this poor Belarusian Rammstein lover? "‘Porno peddling’. Belarus citizen may land up in prison over posting Rammstein video In 2014, Andrey Halavenka, a 25-year-old resident of Hrodna, published a music video ‘Pussy’ by the...
  2. P@triot

    Democrat Rep Ramon Perez distributes porn

    Rhode Island state representative Ramon Perez (D) took a screen shot of a Wikipedia article he needed for some legislation he was working on and distributed it. Unfortunately for him, he failed to close his browsers other open tabs which included stuff such as "Teen Porn" and "MILF Porn" among...
  3. P@triot

    The New Drug

    I've been exceptionally clear on my positions (which is that nothing is more important than liberty and the U.S. Constitution is the highest law in the land - any deviation from it is unacceptable) and I will continue to do so (because sadly, liberals lose all honest debates so they attempt to...
  4. Bob Blaylock

    Ladyboy/Shemale/Futanari Porn Magazine — Formerly respected publication Sports Illustrated

    There are no words to describe how twisted this is., Sports Illustrated was once a respected, sports-oriented magazine. I guess they've decided to go into the freakish fringes of the porn business, catering to the “chicks with dicks” crowd. Caitlyn Jenner to Pose Naked With Gold Medal for...
  5. Anonymous1977

    Adult cinema (p*rn) in Iraq...

    Two links I found about Adult cinema (p*rn) being sold in the Muslim country of Iraq...if anyone thought like I did that Adult cinema is incompatible with Islam, we were wrong haha: Watching porn in Iraq: XXX DVD sales are indicator of change Porn Sales Indicative Of Iraq's Politics

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