1. odanny

    Eric Trump is just disgusted

    You really have to wonder if this is part of a coordinated effort at projection or just abject stupidity, I will always believe the latter unless an insider provides evidence that says otherwise. Eric Trump shook his head in disgust on Fox News on Sunday over President Joe Biden’s fifth trip...
  2. deanrd

    Is Donald Trump the classic American grifter?

    Is Donald Trump the classic American grifter? Donald Trump and the Republican party remind me strongly of this movie The Little Foxes. There are people that live to eat the world and crush the poor. This is today’s Republican Party whose sole goal is to loot the country. We’ve all gone...
  3. deanrd

    Democrats versus Republicans in four charts

    Republicans on the USMB go on endlessly that Democrats are all on welfare and Republicans and Red States pay for everything. It all comes down to dollars and cents. Look at a map of the states, it's easy to see why the difference. Education if very important. It's true that you can...
  4. deanrd

    Dave Chappelle says Trump is fighting for me ----- and he's right!

    "Man, Donald Trump is going to Washington and he's going to fight for us." Dave speaking for poor whites. What he says next is not only right on the money, but also hilarious. Whatever you think of Trump, on the right or on the left, you have to admit, Dave is spot on.
  5. deanrd

    Why was the House Chaplain fired? Some say because he was critical of the Tax Cuts for the rich.

    House chaplain forced out by Ryan Lawmakers demand answers on chaplain firing --------- Think we'll find out? You know how Republicans hate to get called out on their war on the poor.
  6. Litwin

    Great news, Putin´s Kleptocracy sold Siberian Gold to China!!

    "Moscow agreed with Beijing on the conditions of gold mining" LOL, :banana: Great news, Putin´s Kleptocracy sold Siberian Gold to China!! look like situation in Muscovite empire even worst than i thought ...whats next? Oil, Gas, women (Muscovites sold woe men even in 19c)? " Moscow agreed...
  7. American_Jihad

    How the Democrats Destroyed Camden

    Didn't they also destroy detroit... How the Democrats Destroyed Camden A city's unwavering allegiance to the Party that ruined it. April 21, 2016 John Perazzo A century ago, Camden, New Jersey was a thriving model of prosperity. Indeed, the city was home to 365 active industries that...
  8. American_Jihad

    Blacks and the Democratic Dynasty

    One of these days the people of color will figure it out... Bill Whittle: The Most Shameful Injustice Death by Democrats. March 3, 2016 TruthRevolt.org ... Through the 1940’s, 50’s and into the 60’s, Detroit was not the blasted ruin you see today, but the thriving, pulsating center of...

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