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political agenda

  1. RebelQueen

    Population Stabilization This is a growing issue, and greatly affects our resources and our climate (not just weather) in a very significant way. What are the...
  2. T

    Political Mind Readers R Funny

    Whenever someone starts an OP with something like ‘Dems say this’, or ‘Righteys think this’, they’ve officially conceded whatever argument they’re making to the useless broad brushing of an entire political party. All this does is pass time as no one with this mentality can logically consider...
  3. American_Jihad

    Time To Find, Prosecute, Incarcerate Leakers That Jeopardize National Security

    Find them, prosecute them, incarcerate them... FINALLY, FBI CATCHES A TRUMP-HATING TOP SECRET INTEL LEAKER Time to get tough with those willing to jeopardize national security to serve a political agenda. June 7, 2017 Joseph Klein ... Ms. Winner, by her own account on Facebook, is a big...

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