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  1. Pogo

    RIP: Ken Nordine 1920-2019 :(

    I've been dreading having to post this but the time has come.... Chicago Tribune: >> One writer described his voice as an instrument that "muses and oozes like molten gold." .... As successful as Nordine’s announcing and commercial work was, he was creatively restless and drawn to more...
  2. L

    Liberty at Hand

    My way to honor President Donald J. Trump I hear the cries of the people, I feel Lady Liberty as she extends her hand to me The Lady she needs help as she is all amuck and stuck in a very bad situation She is in pain, she really needs help in standing strong, the way she used to be I captured...
  3. OldLady

    Volvo Does the Unthinkable

    Pet Peeve of the month (at the very least): Volvo stealing Walt Whitman's words to sell their overpriced, "swell" cars. That dear man would not like the elite buy-in here, and I HATE his great words being subverted to selling cars in -- of all the undignified things-- a television commercial...

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