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podesta emails

  1. Denizen

    Breaking news ... Roger Stone arrested by FBI

    The net is closing in on Donald Trump as his associates fall one by one. Next, we will hear bleating and squealing from the decrepit liar Rudi Giuliani, followed by inane tweets bleating and squealing from Donald Trump. Donald Junior and Jared Kushner are next.
  2. HaShev

    Should we revisit the Beliefs of the Clinton team?

    During research I noticed the Cloud storage logo for Platte River Networks of Denver, Colorado, the Company Hillary used as her server storage cloud IT service was a fallen morning star (Lucifer symbol). Now her devil horn hand signal with open thumb can be just a I love you hand signing, but...
  3. cnelsen

    For those claiming the Wikileaks dump is no big deal, this will change your mind

    This is almost painful to watch. Donna Brazile sliding into the pit of ignominy when confronted with evidence from Wikileaks and nothing--NOTHING--to grab onto. It's straight up damning. Also, anyone who actually starts reading these emails will quickly know they are authentic. They don't need...

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