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  1. John.smith09

    Cop Who Killed a Minor Reaches out to Kaepernick by Giving Him Something He Wasn’t Expecting

    Colin Kaepernick learned a valuable lesson over the weekend, as a father of three, and former blue-collar Chris decided to contact Kaepernick in a very unfamiliar fashion. Amos gained the public’s attention after he shot and killed a young minority after he was sent on a paid leave... Read It...
  2. Papageorgio

    Who is the Greatest QB of All Time?

    Who is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time? What is your criteria? Over the decades the game has changed and evolved, every era has had their greats. Who is the greatest? I listed 12 QB's not sure if I left anyone who could be considered as a top QB. Make your case of who is the greatest.

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