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    Phoenix: marketing fake crowds at president Trump's rallies: CNN black anchor Don Lemon v supporters

    "President Trump"'s rallies: Marketing fake crowds as real: Phoenix Examples range from "supporters" to the #1 black "liberal" "news" anchor. Just [before/after] Trump's first rally since the Charlottesville script was launched: "Liberal" media implying [it will be/it was] full house: Aug 22 -...
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    I-10 Sniper terrorizes Phoenix area

    Sniper terrorizes Phoenix area... Phoenix Sniper Strikes Again: Arizona Cops Confirm 11th Freeway Shooting Sep 10 2015, A bullet pierced the side of a tractor-trailer on a Phoenix freeway Thursday, and police said they were treating it as the 11th attack in a string of shootings over the past...

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