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  1. AsianTrumpSupporter

    4chan is hunting the identity of an Antifa terrorist

    Apparently, he's a philosophy professor.
  2. L

    Most important SCIENCE (TODAY BY FAR): what is it? Answer here

    From May 2009, updated Feb 2017, reflecting changes in wikipedia's science page since that time. They include this, since 2014: appropriately (considering this article's title) renumbering section #2 to #1. Most important SCIENCE (TODAY BY FAR): what is it? Answer here. Don't be mislead by the...
  3. Y

    5th Recent Surgery Just Finished

    I just got home and am now recovering from my 5th recent surgery. Since they (the surgeons) do these laparoscopically, they are minimally invasive and heal faster than open cuts as before. As usual, the last thing I remembered was talking to the anesthesiologist, and the next thing I remember...
  4. Y

    Unborn Child

    Back in 1974 the singing duo of Seals & Crofts released an album of songs including "Unborn Child" of which the title song was written by Jim Seals and Lana Bogan was a powerfully emotional appeal against abortion. These are the lyrics: "Oh little baby, you'll never cry, nor will you hear a...
  5. OldLady

    CDZ Smile

    This one had me LOL at the local diner this morning. Just had to share with my fellow beeblers. It's by Gene Weingarten at the Washington Post. Admit it. You don’t know what ‘epistemological’ means either. I have a confession to make. By all rights, it should get me fired. For the last 25...
  6. American_Jihad

    How the Liberal Agenda Was/Is/Will Be Moved Forward To Dupe the Populations

    How the progressive/liberal establishment move their agenda with the use of all media, hollywood, news, books, music, magazines, Internet, video games, etc., etc. This along with indoctrination of your children from K to collage. When the progressive/liberals see posts such as this their first...

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