1. Street Juice

    Visiting the curses of Jehovah on the enemies of the Jews

    Here's another internal inconsistency within Judaism that is so objectionable I don't see how modern Jews can still adhere to it. Literal Judaism is ultimately based on terror and fear and the list of curses set out in chapter 28 of The Second Law shows the importance which the priesthood...
  2. deanrd

    In which states do Republicans hate gays the most?

    In which states do Republicans hate gays the most? Arizona Law Leaves Schools Struggling To Navigate LGBTQ Issues Arizona is one of at least seven states with curriculum laws around LGBTQ issues, according to the advocacy group GLSEN. But of all the state laws, Arizona's is the only one that...
  3. P@triot

    Liberal authoritarianism

    Last week news broke that state Democrat Attorney Generals around the country were banding together in hopes of bringing charges against anyone speaking the truth about the farce that is "Global Warming". It seems liberals are incredibly embarrassed that they claimed "greenhouse gases" were...

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