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obamacare unconstituional

  1. P@triot


    While I'm still disgusted with the federal government involving themselves in something they have no constitutional authority to involve themselves in - this is a beautiful solution if they are going to act illegally. Literally infinitely better than Obamacare (which, like all things left-wing...
  2. MrMike

    The Obamacare scam is failing and exposes its built-in treachery

    moved to current events!
  3. TeaBagger

    The Replacement For Obamacare

    WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS FACTS: I'll begin with the facts: Health care in quality the US ranks lowest in the industrialized world. Americans pay 3 times the world average for health care. The medical industry has not eradicated a disease since polio. Not all Americans have health care...

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