obama birth certificate scandal

  1. washamericom

    where is obama's birth certificate now ? begins the slow chase.

    Case Closed! Trump Was Right, Obama’s Birth Certificate A Fake The evidence is conclusive. Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forged document. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ‘Cold Case Posse’ holds an urgent press conference revealing forensic evidence that proves once and for all that Donald Trump...
  2. washamericom

    Will We Learn The Truth About Obama's Birth Certificate And College Transcripts In $60 Million Book

    and benghazi and bonergate... Do Americans really want to read more about Barack and Michelle? What millions of Americans really want to know is what’s on that original birth certificate and Obama’s college transcripts that he has moved heaven and earth to conceal. Revealing these that might...
  3. washamericom

    still think obama birth certificate is phony ? many do

    It’s been four years since he was re-elected, just as most of those lawsuits were being dismissed by federal judges who mostly claimed the law gave them no authority to even hear the evidence. But the latest Economist/YouGov poll indicates that fully one-third of Americans simply don’t believe...
  4. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon !

    this is still a hot political topic. imagine a scenario where benghazi or hillary email or the 400 million dollars never happened. there would still be a lot of doubt about obama's sketchy life story. 11 Of Trump's most outrageous 'birther' claims - Crossroads Today...

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