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  1. I c h i g o

    The New York Times "All the Lies That's Fit to Print"

    Cleverness and has charisma? Lol If Alexandria even had a brain cell, she would at least know the members of her own party. How embarrassing if you don't even know your own constituents.
  2. midcan5

    Media under Trumpism

    "Reading, and reading widely, is for me the great means of expanding my being. It is in reading that I have learned all I know about thinking." Alan Jacobs When everything is a lie or fake, where does the sane person turn. There are actually several media sources worth your time today. On...
  3. cnelsen

    George-Zimmerman-level racists lurking in nice white lady teachers

    The justification for affirmative action for black male schoolteachers used to be that poor black boys need to see there are some blacks who have respectable jobs where they show up to work on time. Now that's considered too condescending. The new, remarkably hostile rationale is that blacks...

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