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nra/gun lobby

  1. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Florida Billboard Calls the NRA a Terrorist Organization

    NRA called ‘terrorist organization’ in billboard funded by former Clinton staffer" Lots of people play fast & loose with the word "terrorist". I guess they're implying by inference that makes NRA members actual terrorists. They always seem to miss the point that owning and carrying a firearm...
  2. woz75

    Emmy Awards Announce Addition of 'Best Crisis Actor' Category

    Ok, since they didn't mention any particular tragedy or person I find this kinda funny :) Crisis actors have been fighting for over a decade to get a category for their work added to The Oscars, but it was the Television Academy this week that showed its branch is more open minded when it...
  3. I

    Gun Control--Why it's so Very Important:

    As you probably all know, I have a relatively liberal bend to my thinking, which has been tempered by a good dose of realism since the mid-1970’s, when, due to years of extreme recalcitrance and malfeasance by an all-white Boston School Committee that, in addition to being racist, was steeped in...

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