1. deanrd

    Trump was always going to hate the FBI and the DOJ

    Look at trump university and trump foundation. Criminal organizations and scams. Look at the people Trump has surrounded himself with. Grifters scam artists and thieves. And that’s just his family. Coming into office it was clear from the beginning that Trump was going to have problems with...
  2. MindWars

    it's about to hit the fan Anonymous Remember, Remember the 5th of November

    Over the next few days many new documents will be released. The contents of these documents will contain evidence of perhaps the largest coverup in American History. Before this happens we would like to explain ourselves and answer a few questions you may have. It's About to Hit The Fan...
  3. Ridgerunner

    2 Million $ ad re: Benghazi compliments of the NRA

    Poor ole libtard whack jobs won't know what hit them come Nov.

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