not my president

  1. Marion Morrison

    Breaking! Mueller raids Trump just before SOTU. President Pence?

    Mueller has him now! Breaking on CNN! He's done! Say Buh-Bye to the Orange! Trump in cuffs! :eek: WTF?!
  2. The Original Tree

    A Leftist Basket of Deplorable Lies

    18 months of surveillance, and a 10 month witch hunt by 4 different investigative committees, hours of useless hearings, and testimony that only exposed The Democrat Party as being unethical, and possibly engaging in criminal activities to "get Trump". The Head of THE FBI, leaking "privileged"...
  3. SYTFE

    Trump Caught in a HUGE Lie About His Relationship With Putin

    Congratulations America, you've elected a pathological liar for president.

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