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  1. FDR_Reagan

    NJ/NY: pAlEsTiNiAns shout "go back to auchwitz"

    Ramadan is a time for peace... RamadaNazis part 5 US anti-Israel protest escalate with calls to 'attack Tel Aviv'. Pro-Palestinian protesters in Manhattan chant antisemitic slurs and praise Hamas commanders outside a ZAKA volunteering event held in Teaneck Alexandra Lukash, Meshi Ayad |...
  2. FDR_Reagan

    Islamist in NJ, inspired by Oct. 7 massacre - ‘devoted to waging violent jihad against America’

    Keep this in mind when you see COVERED MASKED faces at those genocidal "globalize the intifada" beastly riots. = “Nasr was prepared to kill and be killed to support the jihadist cause…” “NJ man Karem Nasr inspired by Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack busted allegedly trying to join Islamist terror...
  3. J

    Sexual deviant crowd is at it again, hosts drag queen show in government school “The PULSE students are putting on an invite only (psst - this is your invite) Drag Show in the Little Theater block 5 today,” read the email from faculty advisor Heather Baldwin...
  4. NewsVine_Mariyam

    New Jersey releases its gun data, advocates call it trailblazing and troubling

    New Jersey releases its gun data, advocates call it trailblazing I'm not sure why this is considered trailblazing. New Jersey is one of the states with the most restriction firearms regulations in the country so why is it surprising that most of the weapons used unlawfully come from out of...
  5. J

    CDZ Governor Murphy turns NJ citizens into tax slaves to benefit illegal entrants

    SEE: Phil Murphy signs bill to let unauthorized immigrants get college financial aid May 9, 2018 ”A New Jersey college student's immigration status will no longer play a factor into whether that student is eligible for certain in-state financial aid.” Jersey’s Socialist Governor Murphy...
  6. AsianTrumpSupporter

    NJ School District suspends leftist teacher for removing Trump's name from students' yearbook photos

    Teacher suspended after pro-Trump yearbook photos altered WALL, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey school district has suspended a teacher after yearbook photos of two high school students were altered to remove President Donald Trump's name on their clothing. Wall Township School Superintendent...
  7. L

    New Jersey train crash staged to expand TSA to Buses and Trains: push HUMILIATION of human cattle to

    New Jersey train crash staged to push HUMILIATION of human cattle to new limits Main agenda: to expand TSA to Buses and Trains Reminder of Last Prophet's words: May 2016: "Airports Enlist Clowns, Tiny Horses to Distract Travelers From Long TSA Lines - for dummies". Which KEYWORD of a...

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