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  1. Suh Promise

    What Am doing to Tackle the Plastic pollution Problem

    According to the UN ranking plastic pollution is the fifth highest contributor of climate change, and affect every country of the world both rich and poor. My name is Ambe Promise Suh I am a student in the university of Calabar Nigeria studying Accounting with a very strong passion for...
  2. ding

    Why are we here?

    If God willed us into existence then our existence is contingent upon God and if God is beyond material such that the closest we can come to describing his nature is spirit, then our material existence in and of itself is not the end but a means to an end.
  3. ding

    Is creating intelligence an artifact of intelligence?

    Is it the nature of intelligence to create intelligence? Is creating intelligence an artifact of intelligence?
  4. S

    What is legal research writing?

    What is legal research writing?
  5. ding

    Does God destroy what He creates?

    God does not destroy what He creates. How do I know? Well... first of all He has given us a Natural Law which tells us He does not destroy what He creates; The First Law of Thermodynamics which states that matter and energy cannot be destroyed or created. Since time and space were created...
  6. ding

    The Laws of Nature Predestined Beings that Know and Create

    If you believe in the Big Bang then you must believe that the Laws of Nature predestined that beings that know and create would eventually arise.

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