1. Grumblenuts

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

    Just watched this true hidden gem, Netflix Original. A bit of an emotional roller coaster, but not ridiculously so. Well acted. Good audio. Great scenery. Five stars.
  2. deanrd

    Endgame: first movie to open with over a BILLION Dollars. Oh those Hollywood "elites"!

    'Avengers: Endgame' shatters records with $1.2 billion opening The right wing is constantly throwing out the Duel Message of liberals hate capitalism and Hollywood "elites" are bad for the country. Then, those Hollywood liberals casually toss out a movie that makes over a billion dollars in...
  3. EngrOto

    I TONYA Trailer #1 NEW [2017] Margot Robbie Movie HD

    Check out this new movie (I TONYA) well performed by Margot Robbie
  4. EngrOto

    JUSTICE LEAGUE The Flash Trailer NEW (2017) Superhero Movie HD

    Justice league the flash is hotter than the trailer below
  5. EngrOto

    JEAN CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON Trailer #2 2017 (The Return of Van damme)

    The return of Van Damme speaks volume in this movie....we cant wait for the action the trailer below.
  6. EngrOto

    THE PUNISHER Trailer #2 NEW Extended 2017 (Whats missing?)

    Compare this with the part 1 of this movie
  7. EngrOto

    HOUSE OF THE WITCH Trailer #1 NEW 2017 Halloween Haunted HOUSE MOVIE HD

    Another lovely movie to watch
  8. EngrOto

    SNAKE OUTTA COMPTON Trailer #1 NEW 2017 Comedy Movie HD

    Another lovely movie to enjoy
  9. EngrOto

    REPLICAS Trailer #1 NEW 2017 Keanu Reeves Sci Fi Movie HD

    watch and comment on the movie trailer below
  10. EngrOto

    MAYHEM Trailer #1 NEW (2017) Steven Yeun Movie HD

    Tag this Movie Trailer with one word! I think Steven Yeun movies are always Hot
  11. Auld Phart

    Martin Landau

    Star of Mission Impossible, Space 1999, and many other shows and movies, has passed away at the age of 89 Martin Landau, star of Mission: Impossible, dies - BBC News
  12. fredericIV

    New Podcast: ROWDY RADIO

    ROWDY RADIO (<---- HYPERLINK!) Whats up guys! My name is Ric and im a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. This is my brand new podcast about basically life! Each episode has its own topic so take a listen and i hope you laugh along the way. Please comment links to yalls...
  13. anotherlife

    Is heart injury really deadly?

    In ancient times, it was a popular form of murder to stab the enemy through the heart. Theories say that even Jesus Christ died in a heart injury caused by a fall with the cross breaking a rib. But why is heart stabbing never used today? What is the problem with heart injury for death? It is...
  14. Auld Phart

    Garry Marshall

    Brother of Penny Marshall, creator of Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, director of Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries, and numerous other projects, has passed on at the age of 81. RIP Garry Marshall, ‘Pretty Woman’ Director and Creator of ‘Happy Days,’ Dies at 81
  15. Peony

    James Bond is a Man

    In 1962, the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, appeared in theaters. Based on Ian Fleming’s novels about British secret agent 007, James Bond movies has delighted audiences for some six decades. James Bond is a macho man with an impossible job. He saves the world from assorted crazy genius bad...
  16. Never3ndr

    Captain America: Civil War

    Best comic book movie since "The Dark Knight" Highly recommended to go see in theaters.
  17. L

    Secret Letter/Number Code used in the Media

    I'm not usually into this sort of thing that seems crazy at first, but I've been reading this website for a long time now and I think other like-minded people should check it out::clap2: The Alphabet Conspiracy: The Most Important Thing Ever To Exist, Literally It describes that there's a...

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