1. Grumblenuts

    The Mauritanian As usual, Jodie Foster doesn't disappoint, but it's all good. A great film, imo. Watch it and decide for yourself.
  2. Ryan Adams

    New Irish podcast based on movies and comicbooks

    Just came across this new podcast hosted by 2 Irish guys and thought someone here might like it too. Its called "HEROES FOR HIRE" Its very nerdy but i love their accents and they are very quick thinking, i always laugh out loud multiple times during episodes. They release 3 types of shows a...
  3. Auld Phart

    Customized movie vehicles

    It was made for the movie Topper, 1937, but I'd like to have this.. any other movie customized vehicles on your wish lists?
  4. Anonymous1977

    Recommend a good film

    Recommend a good film and tell which genre it's from. Also a star in it if any known... -

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