1. MAGAman

    Dem. Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee's AR15 expertise on display.

    Short snippet. A little over a minute. This brain deficient DemTard knew the cameras were rolling when she started flapping her lips. These are the idjits Democrats trust to make legislation.
  2. ding

    Would you like for your government to regulate prices, profits and wages?

    Many here complain about income inequality. I can only assume these are the people who believe they are getting the shaft and need to blame someone else for their poor choices. I say this because men and women of reason typically take charge of their situation and change it for the better...
  3. ding

    Why don't Democrats openly endorse socialism?

    It seems to me that Democrats want socialism but are afraid to say they want socialism. Why is that? Is it because they are embarrassed to be socialists? Is it because they can't make an affirmative argument for socialism? Or is it because they know it is wrong to steal other people's money...
  4. MindWars

    Video: Morons react to Trump winning

    If only they realized how stupid they are. How big babies act in live versions of life. Too bad they can't see how they act with open eyes.

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