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monetary policy

  1. Natural Citizen

    CDZ The GOP's Civil War

    It's still thriving. Liz Cheney and company are likely looking for a Senate seat, Rand Paul and company oppose it vigorously. The Cheneys and company have pretty much killed the Tea Party. Rand's dad Ron being its father, ironically. Same trenches, different day. Anyway. Here's a brief rundown...
  2. AaronR.Lema

    The Two Issues Mucking Up Our Economy

    Two issues are mucking up our economy. What two issues? People may be either emotional or rational about economic issues. Unfortunately, those people who are primarily emotional about economic issues view the people who are primarily rational about economic issues as narrow minded and uncaring...
  3. phoenyx

    Theories on how to efficiently run an economy

    Before I begin, I'd like to say that while I've posted in many online forums over the years, I've never started a thread of this nature anywhere. It was something that definitely interested me, but not to the extent that I thought I should start a thread about it. That has now changed. I began...

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