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  1. georgephillip

    Another Wall Street Giveaway?

    Watching corporate Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer pretend concern for productive Americans is difficult for me to stomach, especially when I think back to 2009. If Democrats are serious about putting Main Street interests over shareholder concerns, they will start demanding the "Foreclosure...
  2. georgephillip

    Trump on Housing Crisis: "I Sort of Hope it Happens..."

    Why would anyone pretend to be surprised when the most corrupt POUTUS in US history anticipated "earning" massive profits from an economic crash that cost 8 million Americans their homes...
  3. cnelsen

    Transition team member formerly at Soros

    WTF: Mnuchin amassed a fortune estimated at over $40 million while working for Goldman Sachs, where his father had worked for three decades and had also made a fortune. In 2002, Mnuchin left Goldman and worked briefly for his Yale roommate Edward Lampert, chief executive of Sears. He also...

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