1. JGalt

    Mississippi Governor Declares April as Confederate Heritage Month

    Personally, I would have chosen a month with 31 days in it, but I'm not the Governor. "Mississippi Republican Gov. Tate Reeves has declared April as Confederate Heritage Month. The first-year governor is following the practice of several of his Democratic and Republican predecessors, and his...
  2. MindWars

    Mississippi Governor: No Syrian refugees for us until D.C. takes some

    Mississippi Governor: ‘No Syrian Refugees For Us Until D.C. Takes Some’ Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant informed Stuart Varney that his state has not accepted any ‘Syrian refugees’ to date, and has no plans to even consider doing so until the District of Columbia takes some first. VIDEO...
  3. gulfcoastsam

    Mississippi Poacher Candidate isn't Hunter Friendly!

    Cottonmouth Poachers for Mangold Last week, federal prosecutors in Alaska charged a number of Mississippians with illegally hunting and killing animals in a federal preserve. Among those charged was Charles Dixon of Brookhaven. According to the District Attorney's press release Charles W...

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