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mind control

  1. Brian Blackwell

    How "human nature" affects our political views

    Human nature is often cited as justification for political views. All along the political spectrum, the belief that human nature is characterized by a tendency toward selfishness and immorality is prevalent. In fact, it’s often presented as the primary reason why government is necessary at all...
  2. cnelsen

    This is what mind control looks like

    No, not a conspiracy...
  3. anotherlife

    World socialism?

    You can't fight it. Invented in pre ww2 France, implemented in the Soviet Union, exported to the modern European Union, and now adopted in the USA. So let's take a closer look at it, and see its articles of foundation. 1. Nationalism with ultra nationalism. This is to delineate between who...
  4. Ika1953

    4 (different) Horsemen

    Four (different) horsemen by Iliya Pavlovich, PhD Comparative Sociology I admit, I am terribly late with this documentary posted on youtube on Sept. 13, 2013. The Awards garnished are absolutely impressive (Cannes, Galway, IDFA, OxDox, Santiago (de Chile), Durban Film Festival South Africa...
  5. MindWars

    How North Korea and the Obama regime both use the same mind control techniques against their citizen

    How North Korea and the Obama Regime Both Use the Same Mind Control Techniques Against Their Citizens (Video) I’ve just released an eye-opening new video that details how U.S. government propaganda under Obama parallels the socially-reinforced mind control tactics used in North Korea, a radical...

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