military science

  1. anotherlife

    Is all intelligence and military technology made on Earth?

    Today's coding, telecom, surveillance, and remote attack technologies are very sophisticated. But are they all made on earth? Both American and Soviet governments were known to cooperate with unknown and non human forces in technology development. So, ultimately, is there a level of secret...
  2. anotherlife

    The science of military strategy?

    For most of history, revolutionary wars were fought as a populous offense against a much smaller defendant. But what if now you need to fight it the other way around? Imagine that you are a small revolutionary group, and you are in a war against an invading and entrenched enemy, that has...
  3. anotherlife

    Extraterrestrial military expedition?

    The military used to be the sponsor and pusher of science. Why is it not any more? Wouldn't it beintesersting to participate in a military expedition is outer space? Like in the asteroid belt? Looking for minerals? And developing new weapons to shoot up our neighbors? This would be such an...

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