1. Fiero425

    Steelers - Patriots: Thursday Night Game

    Turned it on late, really just a few minutes after 9 pm EST! How in the world are they in the 3rd quarter already? NE just missed a tying "point after" so the score's now Pittsburg 17-16! Will have to check out the replay later! Both must have been running the ball relentlessly and throwing...
  2. T

    Gang owns city, news wont say it

    4 wheelers and dirt bikers took of a gas station in miami blocking traffic and cops do nothing this happens everyday and the news never covers it. Never talks about it . What will you do when this is your city
  3. Fiero425

    Unarmed Black Man Shot By Cop; Cop says "IDK why I shot you!"

    Cop Who Shot Unarmed Man Missed His Intended Target - - The North Miami cop who shot an unarmed man trying to calm a patient with autism was hit accidentally, police union...

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