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  1. Silver Cat

    Millions of abandoned oil wells are leaking methane, a climate menace

    SALYERSVILLE, Kentucky (Reuters) - In May 2012, Hanson and Michael Rowe noticed an overpowering smell, like rotten eggs, seeping from an abandoned gas well on their land in Kentucky. The fumes made the retired couple feel nauseous, dizzy, and short of breath. Regulators responding to the leak...
  2. Papageorgio

    Seaweed Found to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Interesting new discovery. This pink seaweed could reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 10% — by stopping cows from burping methane This tasty seaweed reduces cow emissions by 99%—and it could soon be a climate gamechanger The added benefits is better quality of milk and beef and it...
  3. MindWars

    EPA concludes fracking a threat to U.S. water supplies

    EPA Concludes Fracking a Threat to U.S. Water Supplies Starting in 2008, ProPublica published stories that found hydraulic fracking had damaged drinking water supplies across the country. The reporting examined how fracking in some cases had dislodged methane, which then seeped into water...

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